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Oluwo Ifalowo Ojose Esubiyi Adeola

Agbongbon Awo Ifalowo Ojose Adéolá, also known as Marshall Hair Jr., is a true son of Africa who hails from the Tampa area and now resides in Hyattsville, MD. As the Oluwo of Ijo Ifa Ogunda Masa, an Isese based Ile, he and Iyalode Ifabunmi Adeola are on a sacred mission to ensure that all Orisa adherents experience the very best conditions possible.

Baba Ifalowo's spiritual journey began in his youth when he was raised in the COGIC faith. However, at the age of fifteen, he transitioned to the Orisa tradition and never looked back. His first encounter with the Orisa was through a western diasporic form of Isese, but his quest for knowledge and enlightenment led him to Nigeria where he deepened his studies in Ifa and was initiated into his priesthood.

As a practicing Awo/Babalawo and Babalorisa Obatala, Agbongbon Awo Ifalowo's ultimate mission is to guide his akapo (students) towards realizing their highest potential and position on this earthly plane (Aye). He is a tireless working priest and teacher who founded, an online platform where he regularly instructs bi-weekly lectures on Ifa and Orisa. Through his teachings, he provides foundational knowledge to those who seek to become better practitioners of Isese.

Agbongbon Awo Ifalowo is also a proud member of the Ogboni International Society, where he holds the prestigious chieftaincy title of Oluwo Iledi Omoyeni /iii\. He is a true champion of the African spiritual heritage, and his unwavering commitment to his community and his students has made him a beloved figure in the Isese tradition.

Iyalode Ifabunmi Adeola

Ìyánífá Ifábunmí Adétutu Efùntólá Ośuntòyín Ómò Níjogùn Adéolá (Trinice McNally) hails from London, England by way of Jamaica and grew up in Miami, Fl. Ìyá is an educator, creative and organizer committed to the liberation of oppressed people. 

She believes in the collective power of harnessing African Diasporic Traditions, Transnational organizing and Cultural work to educate, mobilize and inspire societal change. Ìyá believes in living on purpose and loves helping people find and live in alignment with their destiny. She’s most passionate about developing strategies, and curating spaces for aborisa and initiates to study, transform and heal. Iya Fabunmi was raised in the pentecostal faith but transitioned into diasporic Orisa traditions in her late twenties. She is preparing to transition into a full-time  practicing Ìyáloriśa (Obatala, Osun & Egbe) and she currently works alongside her husband in assisting their Akapo (students) reach their highest potential and position here on Earth (Aye).


Ojugbona Awolola Ifakeye

Awolola hails from Miami,FL by way of Cuba where he has been immersed in the tradition of Ifa since birth. He is a third generation Awo of Ifa. Oluwo Ifalowo calls him the Ifa the savant as he is well versed in the tradition. Awolola truly embodies the agape love of his mother Osun and walks with the strength of Orunmila himself.

Akoda Ifatomi Omikunle

Akoda Ifatomi Omikunle is a highly respected priest of Ifa, Osanyin, and Yemoja, with a deep understanding of the sacred knowledge of Isese. Originally from Georgia, Akoda Ifatomi now resides in Anchorage, Alaska, where he brings the wisdom of his spiritual practice to the community.

With a passion for healing and helping others, Akoda Ifatomi works in the medical field, where he applies the same principles of balance, harmony, and compassion that he has learned through his spiritual practice.

Akoda Ifatomi's journey into the world of Isese began in the Lucumi faith, but he felt a strong pull towards the deeper knowledge and understanding of Ifa. Through his dedicated study and practice, he transitioned to Isese and embraced the teachings and traditions of his ancestors.

As a priest of Ifa, Osanyin, and Yemoja, Akoda Ifatomi's mission is to help others find balance, peace, and spiritual harmony in their lives. He is deeply committed to the principles of community, justice, and service, and uses his knowledge and skills to benefit those around him.


Aseda Ifadamilare Adeola

Ifadamilare Afuwape Osungbemi Adeola (Teddy White) is world-traveled Detroiter who deeply believes in compassion, community, and care. A Babalawo, Olosun, father, abolitionist, yogi, gardener, music enthusiast, brother, and friend, Ifadamilare spends his professional day in community development lending but is always thinking of ways to better care for the Earth, for ourselves, and for our people.

While Ifadamilare did not grow up practicing a specific faith, after his mother became an ancestor in 2018, he found himself in church. Church allowed him to connect with his mother and helped him navigate the grief. However, radicalizing at the top of the pandemic and committing to a Black Queer Feminist politic and radical worldview led him to study African Traditional Religions (ATR). His first dafa with Baba Ifalowo was an experience like none other and the confirmation that Ifa was home and a practice that would allow him to experience his mother in even more profound ways. 

Ifadamilare recognizes that our spiritual power is directly connected to our personal and collective liberation. This is a huge driver of his Orisa worship. 

Ìyánífà Ifábukúnmí Ośunfúnmílayó Adéolá

Ìyánífà Ifábukúnmí Ośunfúnmílayó Adéolá (Amber Estremera)  is your favorite spiritual aunty who was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Currently residing  In Jamaica, Queens, New York.  She is a mother, creative, bead artist and a priestess of Ifa and Ọṣun. Granted the gift as Elegun. (One who can possess Orisa & spirit to deliver messages and healing). Ọśunfúnmílayó is not only gifted in spirit, she is gifted in healing and nurturing her community. Passionate about women's health  she is a healthcare worker and aspiring womb/birth worker. Deeply connected to nature by growing and working with herbal plant medicines. Ośunfúnmílayó  grew up in a catholic household who explored many religious backgrounds before beginning her journey into Isese in her mid twenties in 2020.

Ifábukúnmí Ọśunfúnmílayó Adéolá  was initiated into Ifa and  Ọṣun in 2022. She was initiated into these societies by Oluwo Ifalowo Ojose Adéolá, Oluwo Awobola Ifayemi, Ìyá Ọṣun Osunkemi Bogunmbe & Ìyánifa  Ifatoyin Bogunmbe along with a group of priests and priestesses from Ogun state and Ibadan, Nigeria.Iyánífà Ifábukúnmí Ọṣunfúnmílayó Adéolá is undergoing rigorous Ifa & Olosun study with her Godparents Oluwo Ifalowo Ojose Adéolá and Ìyálode Ifabunmi Adéolá at Ījo Ifá Ōgūndá Másà to be a proficient Ifa and Ọṣun Priestess. She was titled Ìyánífà at Ījo Ifá Ōgūndá Másà in 2022 where she is the moral compass, mediator and Child advocate.


Apetebi Adunola Awolola Adeola

Awolola Adunola Adeola (Rachel Stevens) (they/she) is a southern tree hugger, creative, plant medicine co-maker, yoga teacher, agitator and educator. Awolola is a Mulberry, Florida native currently living in Washington, D.C. and has spent the last decade training and organizing young people and adults on social, climate and environmental justice with a focus on disability and collective care. 


Adunola grew up in the Christian faith and spent years studying the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Buddhism and Hinduism, until their ancestors got them reconnected with the African diasporic practice of Hoodoo and finally Isese Ifa in her late 20's. Adunola joined the ile in April 2021 and committed herself as Apetebi to the ile Ifa in March 2022.  Awolola deeply enjoys and is fascinated by dancing and singing and how practitioners have utilized these somatic spiritual technologies for generations to connect with spirit and heal ourselves as a community. She also enjoys writing and performing poetry, talking to plants, tapping into child-like wonder, and wearing big earrings. A true Esu child, Awolola holds close the line by Alice Walker, "hard times require furious dancing," when scheming on how to have a great time while fighting for collective liberation.

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Iya Egbe

Ifawemimo Kolade Egbeyemi Esuntunmise Efunyale Adeola (Destiny Hodges–they/she) is a queer artist, diasporic organizer, and multimedia director/producer from Birmingham, Alabama. 

Their lineages hail from the Black Belt region of Alabama, home to the Civil Rights Movement and a key component of the United States plantation economy in the 19th and 20th centuries. They are a descendant of 4 of the 5 Civilized Tribes: Muscogee (Creek), Cherokee, Choctaw, and Seminole. Egbeyemi is also a fourth generation priest and clergy member, as their paternal lineage is rooted in the Baptist Church. As a student of Black liberation movements with a love for narrative organizing, their storytelling methods are rooted in their lived cultural experience and connections to the more than human world, artistically brought to life under their stage name Emere and production company Efunyale LLC. Their work is rooted in the belief that climate justice and environmental justice are key components of Black liberation, along with building community and solidarity across the Global Black/African Diaspora to build collective power needed for systems change. Egbeyemi was initiated into the mysteries of Ifá, Egbe, Esu, and Obatala in 2022 by Oluwo Ifalowo Ojose Adéolá, Oluwo Awobola Ifayemi, Ìyá Osun Osunkemi Bogunmbe, Ìyánifa Ifatoyin Bogunmbe, and a group of priests from Ogun State and Ibadan, Nigeria.They are exploring the role of African/African diasporic traditional religions in social change movements as a practitioner in the Ìṣẹ̀ṣe Lágbà tradition, understanding there are spiritual and physical impacts to human callousness.


About Us

Ījo Ifá Ōgūndá Másà was founded in 2018 in Tampa, FL, by Oluwo Baba Ifalowo Ojose Omoyeni Esubeyi Adeola, and is now based in Hyattsville, MD. Under the leadership of Oluwo Ifalowo and Iyalode Ifabunmi, Together, we often gather for events and ceremonies to learn, worship and praise the Oriśa. Our lineage is based in Ogun State, Nigeria, through Araba Awobola Ifayemi. 

Ījo Ifá Ōgūndá Másà  has helped spread the message and the beautiful lessons of Ifa and the Oriśa, which has created change and impact, both in our member's individual lives and their respective communities. Through Ifa and Oriśa centered training, sacrifice, and community, we work to bring an authentic understanding of the Isese way of life to the diaspora.

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